Blonde 2022 Netflix Movie Review

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What is going on to all my movie fans out thereand welcome back to my blog today we are here to discuss the new historical, psychological dramaby, the name of blonde, which is adapted from a 2000 novel of the same name, which in itself was afictionalized.


Take on the life of american actressmarilyn monroe. Now this film boldly reimaginesthe life of one of hollywood’s, most enduring iconsfrom, her volatile childhood as norma jean throughher rise to stardom and romantic entanglementsblonde blurs a line of fact and fiction to explorethe whitening split between her public and privateselves. Now the question is: is this film blindworth checking out we’re gon na answer that and so much more in today’s spoiler-free review?


Butmore importantly, once you’ve seen blonde, i wantto know your thoughts in the comments below fromyes, your pros and your cons.


But let’s talk aboutthe direction, the writing the production from thecinematography the score, the performances but moreimportantly.

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Once you’ve seen, the film whetherit was in theaters on his limited release or inthe comfort of your own home on netflix, once yougot done watching a movie.


How did you personally feel after watching it? Let’S talk about it in thecomments below so this film has definitely had itsfair share of controversy. I got a chance to see itin theaters the other night and i’m here to sharemy thoughts with that being said, this was oneof the best bad films i have seen in a very longtime, but let’s focus on that word best and when atits best, this film was Focused it was concise, inhis storytelling and his narrative, for example, westarted the film off by seeing norma gina as a kidand.


Her relationship with her emotionallyunstable mother, played by julia nicholsonit, gave you good insight on the abuse sheexperienced as a child and not knowing her fatherset her on this path of searching her entire lifefor.


This strong male presence, but more importantlythe acceptance and approval of men now throughoutthis 2 hour and 46 minute run time. We getsprinkles and moments of consistent storytellingwithin the various relationships and the marriagesthe film displays, as well as the career of herbecoming, this hollywood icon. Again it’s almostthree hours and it rarely focuses it doesn’t havea lot of folks in the film, but when it is focusedagain, it showed a light on her childhoodand, these different various relationshipsat, its best when it’s focused now transitioningover to one of the best elements in this filmanna.

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The armist she deserves a spotlight because ifelt the story and the script just solely focusedon, the bleakness and the tragedies of marilynmonroe. When she experienced – and i thought annadid such a good job of just engaging me. Andkeeping me invested in the story because sheis truly mesmerizing in this role now i have seenmy fair share of miller, monroe films and variousdifferent interviews, and i thought anna did agood job of emulating the mannerisms. The smilethe stop everything you’re doing to look at thisicon by the name of marilyn monroe and it’s in thethe nuance in her performance because againthis story y’all, it is bleak. It is sad. It istragic it’s brutal, but there are glimmers of hopeswith the performance that anna gives.


You she wasabsolutely fantastic. Now speaking of performancesand in particularly the supporting cast, i thoughteveryone did a good job, but for me adrian brodyas, arthur miller, who is maryland’s third husbandi thought that he was a standout, their scenesof fallen, love and them on the beach to me. Wasso beautiful and it’s not a lot of beautifulmoments in this film, but again that moment withher and adrien brodie to me was one of the beststandouts in regards to the supporting cast nowtransitioning to the actual filmmaking and thecinematography. It’S bold, it’s experimental aswell as unique and interesting and the way they use, the black and white and switching the aspectratios kept me engaged because i am someonethat appreciates good production and i thoughtthe production and recreated in the golden age ofcinema. I thought they did a good job in all thoseelements again, it’s it’s bold and some of thechoices don’t work but for the most part, it’svery creative – and i appreciate that element butgoing into the score, which i also thought createdthis dreamlike feeling, especially when the filmis, like almost Transitioning into almost a horrormovie, so again the production really well. Donei would describe this film as a beautiful messit’s time to talk about the mess and talk aboutthe parts of the film that didn’t work. For me, nowi thought this film seemed to only want to focuson the audience looking into the sadness and thedepression and the sin and the tragedies that thatthis actress, marilyn monroe went through. Againthis is based on novel, which was fictionalizedand heightened and obviously meant to give youa certain experience, and that experience is bleakand it.



It rarely shows you what was it besides. Herbeauty and obviously the film shows you how shewas, sexualized and consumed by men and used by menbut what about the other side? What about what madeher so in demand the charisma, the charm, the happymoments of the relationships, it rarely showedyou that this film is just solely showing you howbleak and sad and tragic, and i know the directorcame out a few months ago and said i want you tofeel how Tragic this is, but you can also executethat in a different manner, now transitioninginto just putting this out there, this film israted nc 17, and i want to warn you all, if you’reuncomfortable, by nudity, by sex, scenes this film isnot shy away from any of that, and i Say all thatto say this: i would have been okay if the filmwould have did the job of just implying what washappening versus showing us what was happening ithought, it would have been a better experience. Ifit would have took that route now getting intothe.


Lack of focus of this film is all over theplace narratively. It would shift and move fromthings from different elements in her life and younever, really felt like it was complete in tryingto, accomplish what it was trying to say in thedifferent parts that it was transitioning over tothis felt like little vignettes of the inside ofthis relationship of this Particular movie she wason and it would just cut it felt very disjointedin the way that it would tell its storytellingin. It lacked a lot of focus. Moving on to howagain, this film had literally chunks, i’m talking10 15 minutes straights of just sex scenes cryingsex scenes crying sex scenes crying. There is i’venever, seen an actress cry so much on screen. Againi applaud out of the arms because there isnot a lot she’s given. Besides. Just being sadit’s in the nuance of the performance, but againthis film felt like almost a tick-tock montageof just bleakness, and it’s in his narrative now idid praise the production. There were some editingchoices that i found to be very baffling like itfelt like i was watching like a tv show. Becausethey would like fade to black and then transitionto like two years later. It was just very againdisjointed and very jarring. Within the way, thatthey told this story and lastly, i want to mentioni’ve.

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I mentioned that this film is 2 hours and 46minutes. I’M gon na tell y’all right now. It did notneed to be that long, especially the way the filmends. So those are my pros. Those are my cons. Before I give you my score, my overall thoughts, if you’restill here at this point in review, i appreciateyou just a friendly reminder to like sharecomment and subscribe and hit that notificationbell. Overall, i would describe blonde as a drama ahorror film, a thriller. That’S messy convoluted, butalso, beautiful at times with its direction, beingboth, masterful and confusing.


Now anna diamond’sperformance is immaculate and the production ofrecreating that time period was flawless, but whena film is so choppy and having to endure all thistrauma was just extremely draining and the filmis. Maybe one of those i’ve only want to watchit once and listen. This film is gon na leave aneffect on you. It affected me so overall, i’m gonnagive blonde a 2.5 out of 5 and it’s an experienceand. It’S a very difficult experience now with allthat being said. Blind will have a limited one, weektheatrical run and it will be available to streamon netflix on september 28th. So that’s my thoughtsof, the film. Let me know yours in the comments onceyou’ve seen it again whether it was in theatersor in the comfort of your home. Let’S talk, proslet’s talk, cons, performance direction and againhow did you feel after you watch this moviei?


Thank you guys for reading this review. If you’re still here, make sure to share this post.


Enjoy yuor day.

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